EL702-C - make it - EL700 2A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL712-C - make it - EL700 2A Mill + Lathe with options
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EL703-C - make it - EL700 3A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL713-C - make it - EL700 3A Mill + Lathe with options
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EL704-C - make it - EL700 4A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL714-C - make it - EL700 4A Mill + Lathe with options
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Product Description:

The EL700 a 4 axes DRO with color TFT display is a master piece in its segment. Its dynamic tool position display, soft touch keyboard provide ease of operation, hence improves the productivity. Also the attractive aluminum die casted case design provides a longer life.

EL700 on shop floor makes any machining operation fast and cost effective thanks to its dynamic tool position display, simultaneous display of 4 axis, feed rate indication. EL700 stands out for its advanced features and easy user interface.

EL700 along with standard RS422 encoders, also accepts legacy 1Vpp and 11µA encoders and distance coded encoders also.

Generic Functions
  • Sub datum (1000 steps)
  • Home / Machine reference
  • Half Function
  • Probe measurements
  • Job timer
  • Shrinkage factor entry
  • Vibration filter
  • Distance-to-go function
  • Password protected mode
  • Trigonometric calculator
  • USB and RS 232 option for communication
  • Auxiliary input / output option
  • Angular Axis configuration
  • Encoder fail detection
Mill Composite Functions
  • Bolt Hole circular
  • Bolt Hole arc
  • Arc contouring
  • R function
  • Grid array function
  • Frame function
  • Pocketing function
  • Liner Bolt Hole function
  • Slot function
  • Tool database
Lathe Composite Functions
  • Tool Offsets
  • Axis Summing
  • Axis vectoring
  • Taper Calculations
  • Rad /Dia. display
Features Details
No. Axes 2/3/4
Display 5.7"QVGA TFT display with LED Backlight
Case Die-cast Aluminium
Power 90...265VAC (50/60 Hz) 15W
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C /-4°F to +158°F
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C / 32°F to +122°F
Relative Humidity 20% to 85% Non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 192mm x 290mm x 76mm
USB Service Port Fitted as standard
Auxiliary Port Optional
  • Single arm stand
  • Double arm stand
  • Swivel mount assembly DRO
  • Auxiliary Output box for Automation
  • Remote Control for Machine Tool DRO

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