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Inspec Vista - vision measuring machine

Product Description:

The high performance Inspec Vista vision measuring machines come in four variants. The manual with auto focus, motorized and full CNC range is available in four different sizes. The manual version comes in a high capacity model of auto focus where the camera mounted axis is motorized for precise focus eliminating the user's skills and experience.

The motorized model is useful in cases where the machine is used with Touch Trigger Probe (TTP). The motorized probing is more advantageous in getting better repeat accuracies of a Touch Trigger Probe (TTP).

The full CNC model is specially made for faster inspection and is also highly useful in machines which use the optional digital probe for depth measurements and the touch trigger probes.

Our own software has everything that one looks in for user friendly software in measurement technology. Full geometric functionality is included with features like point, line, circle, curve, arc etc. The edge detection is automatic and SPC and analytic software are included. The DXF import / export are also included in the standard software. The software has the capability to control the intensity and quadrant selection for ring light and intensity of backlight.


High resolution 1/3" CCD camera as standard. Other options available on request
Standard Zoom lens of 0.7X to 4.5X (Ratio 1:6)
Co-axial zoom lens available optionally
Motorized Zoom lens available optionally
Programmable lighting control via software
All machines have Auto focus facility
Specially designed Electronic depth probe available as an option for measuring depths on a test piece
An option for interfacing touch trigger probes for 3D measurements
Software with very user friendly ergonomically designed GUI
Software supports DXF import for actual to nominal Best fit comparison of a 2D profile
Programming, Geometric Tolerencing and statistical process control (SPC) available as a standard feature
Different types of reports in tabular format can be exported in Text, HTML, Word, Excel and PDF


Specifications 1510 2015 3020 4030
Measuring Range - X axis 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm 400 mm
Measuring Range - Y axis 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Measuring Range - Z axis 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Variants Z axis / motorized / CNC
Manual with Z axis auto focus Z axis / motorized / CNC
Machine Construction 'C' Frame contruction
Machine Base Aluminium alloy casting Granite
Video System 1/3” High resolution colour CCD camera (standard) with 800 X 600 pixels
1/2” High resolution colour CMOS camera (optional) with 2048 X 1536 pixels
Image Optics Standard Zoom lens 1:6X Magnification*
Motorized zoom lens*
Co-axial zoom lens with 1:8.3X Magnification*
Probing Option Electronic Depth Probe (EDP) for depth mesurement available as option Renishaw make touch trigger probe for 3D mesurment.
Probe Rack Facility Not Available Available with Renishaw probing
Lighting System 2 Rings, 4 Quad, 48 LED white ring light with Single LED green back light as standard
4 Rings, 4 Quad, 64 LED white ring light with an array of Single LED green back light available as standard
Sacle Resolution 0.5 μm, scale resolution (standard) , 0.1 μm available as option
Accuracy 3 + L / 175μm, L is measuring length in mm
Max. Work piece weight 25 kg
Power requirement 95 - 265 VAC 50/60 Hz

Ordering Codes:

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No. Description Code Number
Without Probes
1 Inspecvista 1510 Auto focus without probe VFEC-GA-00FA
2 Inspecvista 2015 Auto focus without probe VFEC-GA-00LF
3 Inspecvista 3020 Auto focus without probe VFEC-GA-00XL
4 Inspecvista 4030 Auto focus without probe VFEC-GA-00ZX
5 Inspecvista 2015 Motorized without probe VTEC-GA-00LF
6 Inspecvista 3020 Motorized without probe VTEC-GA-00XL
7 Inspecvista 4030 Motorized without probe VTEC-GA-00ZX
8 Inspecvista 2015 CNC without probe VCEC-GA-00LF
9 Inspecvista 3020 CNC without probe VCEC-GA-00XL
10 Inspecvista 4030 CNC without probe VCEC-GA-00ZX
With EDP
1 Inspecvista 1510 Auto focus with EDP VFEC-GA-10FA
2 Inspecvista 2015 Auto focus with EDP VFEC-GA-10LF
3 Inspecvista 3020 Auto focus with EDP VFEC-GA-10XL
4 Inspecvista 4030 Auto focus with EDP VFEC-GA-10ZX
5 Inspecvista 2015 Motorized with EDP VTEC-GA-10LF
6 Inspecvista 3020 Motorized with EDP VTEC-GA-10XL
7 Inspecvista 4030 Motorized with EDP VTEC-GA-10ZX
8 Inspecvista 2015 CNC with EDP VCEC-GA-10LF
9 Inspecvista 3020 CNC with EDP VCEC-GA-10XL
10 Inspecvista 4030 CNC with EDP VCEC-GA-10ZX
With Touch trigger probe
1 Inspecvista 2015 Auto focus with TTP VFEC-GA-20LF
2 Inspecvista 3020 Auto focus with TTP VFEC-GA-20XL
3 Inspecvista 4030 Auto focus with TTP VFEC-GA-20ZX
4 Inspecvista 2015 Motorized with TTP VTEC-GA-20LF
5 Inspecvista 3020 Motorized with TTP VTEC-GA-20XL
6 Inspecvista 4030 Motorized with TTP VTEC-GA-20ZX
7 Inspecvista 2015 CNC with TTP VCEC-GA-20LF
8 Inspecvista 3020 CNC with TTP VCEC-GA-20XL
9 Inspecvista 4030 CNC with TTP VCEC-GA-20ZX
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