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Platina - Advanced yet Simple

Product Description:

  • Motorized probe movement with
  • Ergonomically designed controller with colour TFT
  • screen with soft touch keyboard
  • Data storage on USB flash memory stick
  • Direct DXF export on USB flash memory stick
  • Programming, Tolerencing and SPC
  • Measurements with Long length probes possible
  • Rapid jog up down of probe by Slider keys
  • Active Temperature compensation
  • Quick manual Squareness measurement
  • Supports long length probe accessories


Motorized movement of probe
All 2D Measurement
Contact above / below
Shaft above / below
Bore above / below
Groove & Ledge measurment
Squareness measurement
Parallelism measurement
1000 step memory
Angle measurement
Programming facility
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Active Temperature compensation
Auto detection of measuring cycle
DXF Export facility
Data storage on USB flash memory stick
Measurements with long length probes possible
mm / inch conversion


Specifications Platina 450 Platina 600 Platina 1000
Measuring Range 450 mm 600 mm 1000 mm
Expandible Range 830 mm 980 mm 1380 mm
Resolution 0.01/ 0.001/ 0.0005/0.0001 mm (selectable)
Repeatability(2σ) On Plane ≤ 0.0005 mm
On Bore ≤0.001 mm
Max. Measurement Speed 600 mm/sec
Measuring Force 1.2 N 0.2
Max. Permissible Error*
L =length in mm
1.3+ L/1000
Squareness** 5 m 6 m 10 m
Operation Time(Battery) 8 hrs
Operation Temperature 10oC to 40oC / 50oF to 104oF
Weight 22 Kg 24 Kg 29 Kg
Standard Probe Ruby ballø 6 x 48mm
* - Values valid with standard ball probe at temperature 20oC 0.5o
** - With Electronic probe Magnascan50

Ordering Codes:

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Description Ordering Code No.
Platina 450 HEMM-PL-0450
Platina 600 HEMM-PL-0600
Platina 1000 HEMM-PL-1000
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